House on Fire
Malkerns, 26th February 2016

Presentation of the results of the Minerva Project, supported by the European Union, and with the collaboration of UNISWA, aimed at training 28 of its best university female students and implemented by a team of professionals in journalism and publishing, experts on social and legal protection of Human Rights, on Access to Water, on Culture, on Art and Intercultural Dialogue. With the active participation of some prestigious and authoritative Swazi testimonials. A 182 hours training program, from July 2015 to February 2016, promoted and managed by Minerva with its more than thirty-years of experience, which transferred skills and values. From the organization of a Monitoring Centre on Women and Human Rights to the profession of journalism and publisher, to the production of a new monthly N.0 Magazine entitled #WOMEN, developed by the students under the supervision of Minerva. Theory, practice, selection of arguments for a new publication, draft of journalistic articles, interviews and reports, verification of information sources, self confidence in public speaking. With an experience in rural areas, in contact with the poor and dignified people of the villages and an educational area for the production and selection of images: faces, landscapes, human atmosphere, simulating what is actually done in a small publishing house.

A training and living Project, in a fruitful meeting between Europe and Swaziland, on human rights and women’s empowerment

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