MINERVA SOC COOP – LIBYA (17.07.2013 – 17.09.2014)


“The legal and social condition of women in Libya”.
Head of the Project: Minerva Soc. Coop.
Partner: LAW International.
Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The aim of the Project was to promote an exchange of experiences between lawyers, judges, prosecutors and representatives of civil society, both Libyans and Italians, with the purpose of identify the necessary instruments to make effective law for the protection of women in Libya.
A table of Dialogue to share the experience in order to identify legislative solutions and social and cultural priorities to improve and promote the rights of women in Libya. Two Seminars laid the basis of bilateral cooperation between Italy and Libya with regard to the implementation of a legislative, administrative and judicial system that recognized the equal rights of women and ensures their actual application in any social and moral field. The results of the Seminars in Rome and Tripoli are published in a book.
The two Seminars:
1.a The juridical and social conditions of women in Libya. Guaranteeing women legal and trial protection (Rome, 2014)
2.b Cooperation between Italy and Libya on women rights through a collective strategy (Tripoli, 2014).

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