Presentation of MINERVA Research



The potential in the Cultural and Tourism Industry to improve the Swati economy

Presentation of the first National research in the Kingdom of Eswatini on Arts, Culture and Business designed and developed with the support of senior research consultants and implemented at operational level by junior Swati female researchers, the Swazi Trails Adventure and The Mountain Inn and HOTAS (Hospitality and Tourism association of Swaziland) with the distribution of questionnaires to three target groups: 1000 Swazi citizens, 54 owners of Swazi Accommodation/Tourists Facilities and 293 non-residents of eSwatini, mainly tourists.The Research  is part of the Minerva/EU Project development, with the organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and the Theater Club, that enhances Culture also as an economic resource, and has seen actions taken to discover, promote and encourage young Swati artists, technicians and cultural operators.

Il divario tra uomini e donne in ambito lavorativo e accademico, noto come gender gap, è ricolle- gabile principalmente a forme di disparità sul luogo del lavoro

ATTI DEL SEMINARIO “La Strada Stretta della Ricostruzione Democratica in Libia e della Pace nel Mediterraneo. Il Ruolo delle Donne Libiche, dell’Europa e della Cooperazione Internazionale17 Ottobre 2016 – Camera dei Deputati

N.0 Magazine entitled #WOMEN, developed by the students under the supervision of Minerva.

The magazine sums up, in its content and format, the “WOMEN AS PROTAGONISTS OF CIVIL SOCIETY” project development. From a Small Publishing Enter- prise to a Monitoring Centre. Human Rights, Informa- tion, Art and Culture as an Engine of Women’s Empowerment in Swaziland”

Italia e Libia

Il Cammino delle Donne libiche verso la Democrazia

Italia e Yemen 

Donna e Costituzione, il principio di uguaglianza 

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