House on Fire

Malkerns, 26th February 2016

This Photo Exhibition arises from the direct photography experience of the young women trainees in the “Women as Protagonists of Civil Society” project.

Browsing through this spontaneous photo gallery, one may easily intuit that their photographic eyes pay homage to the human condition and to the great questions of existence – doing so with joy, and with the gaze of angels. The young women’s lens focuses mainly on women and children, and on the relationship with the environment they live in; their training brought them to villages in Mangozeni and Logoba. Observing with the documentary attention of reporters and, at the same time, with a selective gaze, they give us portraits of great dignity, bearing sincere and touching witness, without emphasis or ideological filters: in simple clotheslines or the melancholy landscape of poverty, or in the micro-stories of the inhabitants reflected in the muddy waters or the dilapidated cabins, the dry poetry of the episodes of a life of privation and injustice never suffocates hope for a better life. The rest of the Photo Exhibition is the classroom, the university lab: months of work, in which one photographs the others, in a small photographic journey that is knowledge, encounter, future, and friendship. On exhibit here, at the magic House on Fire, the photos, too, catch fire, lighting up in a special light: the age of hope –the most beautiful age of all.


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