It was a great success the II Edition of the EUnited Arts of Swaziland Festival last Saturday night at the Swaziland Theater Club opened by the EU Ambassador to Swaziland, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones.

An Event organized under a wider Project to boost the economy of Arts and Culture in Eswatini, designed and headed by Minerva, co-funded by the European Union and developed with the support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and the Swaziland Theater Club.

This II Edition, for the first time, was fully realized by a Dream Team of Swazis Musicians, Light and Sound Technicians, Film Makers and event organizer professionals trained in 2017 who worked as a unique Team under the coordination of the Art Director, Rok Kosir. They did a great job and we congratulate with them!

The elegance KHOLE, the mordant words which empowers women by BEKO The Story Teller (SWAMA nomination for Best Poet), the powerful energy of PACHANGA and of her musicians (including the Dream Team member Bheki), the great charm of the music of mother earth by Spirits Indigenous (Thobile and Bongiwe) and the electric and involvement sound of WANDILE DEEJAY and the smart experienced MC Nana Sambo turned the stage on fire, with excitement of a filled Theater Club.

Thank you everyone and to the Swazi Observer and the Times of Swaziland for their beautiful reportages and also for keeping their attention with professionality not only toward the EUNITED ARTS OF SWAZILAND, for which we are grateful, but for becoming more and more a point of reference to all Artists and Swazis who are hunger of Culture in the Kingdom.



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