MINERVA SOC. COOP. – LIBYA (09.12.2015 – 09.12.2016)


Project Title: “Libyan Women’s Participation in the National Peace and Reconstruction process”.
Head of the Project: Minerva Soc Coop.

Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The aim of the Project is to promote and support Libyan women, representatives of civil-society associations and forums, seeking recognition as actors and protagonists in the reconciliation process by organizing two topical workshops – in Siracusa (Siracusa, Sicily, April 2016) and Rome (Italian Parliament, October 2016). The Libyan network is composed primarily of supporters of the peace and democratic process, both in the territories of Tobruk and Tripoli.
Through Italy, one of the project objectives is to strengthen the creation of a bridge between Europe and Libyan women, both government and civil society representatives.
This action is also intended to advance and reaffirm the appeal of UN Resolution 1325/2000 on women’s contributions to overcoming crises, and, specifically, the contribution made by Libyan women in overcoming the alarming Libyan crisis affecting security and peace in the Mediterranean. The Project will mark its conclusion in November 2016.

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