Minerva in Libia

Libyan Women’s Participation in the National
Peace and Reconstruction process

We believe that it is more essential today than ever to work together with Italy’s diplomats and the international community to create a transitional government, to promote opportunities and public spaces where Libyan women representing important sectors of society can be involved, of diverse tribal and geographic origins, who are organising themselves into a network of dialogue and peace and who seek not to be left alone by Italy, Europe and the international community.

The Purpose is:

  • To promote and support Libyan women, representatives of civil-society associations and forums, seeking recognition as actors and protagonists in the reconciliation process by organising two topical workshops – in Siracusa and Rome. The network they form is composed primarily of supporters of the peace process, both in the territory under the Tobruk government and in that under the Tripoli government: all of them are trying to be heard by the international community, through Italy, and to have places where they can develop a dialogue, which to date does not exist, among the various expressions of Libyan womanhood, between women decisively on the side of democratic principles and values and women with more resolutely Islamic convictions involved in seeking a dialogue on protecting the role and rights of women. This action is also intended to advance and reaffirm the appeal of UN Resolution 1325/2000 on women’s contributions to overcoming crises, and, specifically, the contribution made by Libyan women in overcoming the alarming Libyan crisis affecting security and peace in the Mediterranean.
  • To promote the opening of a channel for dialogue between Libyan women, representatives of major associations in Libyan civil society, and Italy and Europe, a channel that will recognise the courageous contribution Libyan women are making and can continue to make towards finding a political solution to their country’s crisis, and to keeping alive the democratic and peaceful dialogue among the peoples and countries of the Mediterranean, combating terrorism, the culture of violence and abuse of power, and violations of human and civil rights.
  • to gather requests for help from Libyan women, representatives of civil-society associations, to Minerva, asking to become involved and called upon to contribute to a possible peace process in Libya;
  • to provide opportunities and public places for coming together and discussing issues, where Libyan women can state their requests, express their commitment to democracy and peace in Libya and the Mediterranean against religious extremism and terrorism, in an open discussion with qualified Italian representatives of civil society institutions and experts from the academic world and journalism, with European and international bodies, with NGOs
  • to formulate a recommendations plan in which the role of Libyan women in the process of overcoming the crisis has concretely feasible content and objectives rather than being a mere statement of principles.


The Two Workshops

They will be held successively, the first in Siracusa and the second in Rome. The will have two different focuses.

The two workshops will be mutually complementary and will contribute uniformly and organically towards clarifying, delineating and formulating the actions and the role that women want to take on and play during the national reconciliation process.
Both workshops are intended to involve the Italian authorities, academics and journalists, international organisations and NGOs operating in the area of human and civil rights called upon to cooperate in the best actions aimed at supporting international efforts for a political solution to the Libyan crisis.
Moreover, they will deal with the topic of information and communication, i.e., the activities necessary for disseminating useful information and incentivising forms of international dialogue that enable Libyan women to participate in the peace and security process for their country and the Mediterranean.

Preparation and sharing between the Minerva project group and the panel of Libyan women of a platform of intentions that will be presented at the first Workshop in Siracusa.




Cenni sulla Libia

La Libia (in arabo: ليبيا‎, Lībiyā), ufficialmente Stato della Libia, è uno Stato del Nordafrica.

La Libia occupa la parte centrale del Nordafrica, affacciandosi sul Mar Mediterraneo intorno al Golfo della Sirte, tra il 10º e il 25º meridiano est; la Libia è il quarto paese dell’Africa per superficie, il diciassettesimo del mondo. Confina a nord-ovest con la Tunisia, a ovest con l’Algeria, a sud con il Niger e il Ciad, a sud-est col Sudan, a est con l’Egitto.

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