We are happy to announce the forth Professional Training headed by Minerva, co-funded by the European Union and with the organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane, which will involve more than 50 best artists, film makers and event organizers of Swaziland who already achieved the EUnited Arts of Swaziland Programme certificate in 2017.

The EUnited Arts of Swaziland Dream Team will work intensively at the Swaziland Theater Club for 5 consecutive days, from Monday January 22, to Friday January 26, to organize a calendar of Performing Arts events to be held in Swaziland in 2018.

ERASMO TREGLIA. Ethnomusicologist, Musician and Music manager.

Director of the International Folk Italian Festival “LA ZAMPOGNA”, Coordinator of the Festivals “Ottava Rima” and “Winter Meetings” which take place in the area of Rome and Artistic Director of the Festival “The Traianee” Fiumicino (Rome) and “Intermundia” of Rome (Intercultural and school);
Head of FINISTERRE / SUDNORD RECORDS, a record label specialized in the publication of ethno-musical materials and the production of folk revival and world music artists.
Coordinator of the network “Re.Fo.La. – Network of Folklore in New York”, a federation of folk festivals and events that take place in Italy;
Member of the Board of the EFWMF: European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals.
Italian member of the European Network WMRA, World Music in Rural Areas.
Member of the network of WOMEX: World Music Expo.
Scientific coordinator of the “Museum of Popular Musical Instruments of Region Lazio, Italy” and of the “Museum of Musical Traditions” (Arsoli, Rome);

Erasmo is musician and soloist in traditional music groups such as Acquaragia Drom, Epifani Barbers, Pizzicata Orchestra and others.
He has participated in numerous musical projects with artists of national and international relevance and he is currently implementing a project which involves the Italian well known musicians Acquaragia Drom, Piero Pelù and Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello).

He is author of numerous publications and he promotes musical reality in Italy and abroad in particular in the Mediterranean Basin.
He has conducted and realized dozens of researchers on the subject of music and music production worldwide. Among other countries, in India, Mongolia, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and, in Africa, in Tunisia, Ethiopia, Togo, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

ERASMO TREGLIA is already involved in a National Research on Arts and Business in Swaziland and he can’t wait to work with the excellence of Swazi Artists involved in the EUNITED ARTS OF SWAZILAND PROGRAMME, headed by Minerva, co-funded by the European Union and with the organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane.


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