It was an impressive success last Saturday night, May 19, at the Swaziland Theater Club for the EUnited Arts of Swaziland Festival – I Edition, designed and developed by the Italian no profit Organization Minerva, co-funded by the European Union and implemented with the organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and the Swaziland Theater Club.

After a warm greet to the public of the EU Ambassador, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, and the brief introduction of the Minerva Project Manager, Riccardo Severi, 16 Swazi Musicians, under the coordination of the Italian Art Director Erasmo Treglia, performed Gospel, Country, Ethno, Pop, Jazz music which enlightening the enthusiastic audience of a full Theater with the coverage of the main media of the Country.

Zakhele, Pachanga, Khole, Cleopatra, Zithile, Beko the Storyteller, Spirit Indigenous (Bongiwe and Thobile), Thembela, Tindzaba Temdzabu (Musa, Sanele, Bheki) Wandile and few special guests were introduced by Video-Clips describing the artists and their original works performed by Swazi Filmakers, coordinated by Chiara Carbone.

The stage was equipped with a new Lighting and Sound System delivered from Italy to Swaziland, which was managed by Swazi Technicians in Lighting and Sound trained by Minerva, under the direction of the Italian Paolo Meglio, including the first 6 Swazi Women professionals in lighting and Sound in the history of eSwatini.

The Festival concluded with all musicians on stage singing the original Jingle/song of the EUnited Arts of Swaziland Programme.

This first of five editions by 2018 was entitled: “Performing Arts are made by Artists. You support Swazi Artists, you develop Arts in Swaziland”, to highlight the fundamental role of these “brave talented Swazi stars who face daily challenges to live in support of Arts and Culture in Swaziland, who deserve to be supported and encouraged and to who should go the biggest thanks and gratitude of all of us”, Mr. Riccardo Severi said.

The Photo Exhibition “Breathing the EUnited Arts of Swaziland Festival”, coordinated by Claudio Grazani, was also an attractive stage for the public.

Pictures of the Musicians and of the event will be published at soonest. Follow us!



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