A Minerva Project funded by the European Union.

Developed in partnership with Siphilile, in collaboration with SAPA and SMF.
Minerva is pleased to announce the launch of “EUNITED ALBINISM IN A JUST SOCIETY – ESWATINI”, a Project funded by the EUROPEAN UNION, designed and headed by the Italian non for profit organization MINERVA, implemented in partnership with the Swati organization SIPHILILE, MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH and in collaboration with the Swaziland Association of Persons with Albinism (SAPA) and Stukie Motsa Foundation (SMF).

The aim of the Project is to support and to protect Persons Living with Albinism in Eswatini for the full recognition of their human and civil rights, for their empowerment and to legitimate their inclusion in the Swati Society through good governance, capacity building and awareness raising campaigns.

The Project “EUnited Albinism for a Just Society – Eswatini” will be launched, at the honorable presence of the EU Ambassador to Eswatini, H.E. ESMERALDA HERNANDEZ ARAGONES, during the celebrations of “the International Albinism Awareness Day 2019”, on Thursday June 13th in MANZINI.

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