After one year of work behind the stage, The “EUNITED ARTS OF SWAZILAND” TEAM of Musicians, Film Makers and Event Organizers , involved and trained by the Italian non profit Organization MINERVA in 2017, has received the Membership Card and has been presented to the public at the honorable attendance of the EU AMBASSADOR TO SWAZILAND, H.E. ESMERALDA HERNANDEZ ARAGONES who encouraged the Organizers and the new Team established of this Program headed by Minerva and co-funded by the European Union, with the organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and the Swaziland Theater Club, represented last Friday 26th by Valerie Munier, Director of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and by Ms. Sindi Nxumalo, Swaziland Theater Club Committee.
During the Ceremony, the first multidisciplinary open and free space Laboratory of Swaziland, fully operative at the Theater Club starting by February 2018, has been launched and the new Association of Artists and Cultural Operators, “EUnited Arts of Swaziland”, has been established, with the EU Ambassador who received the first Membership Card “Ad Honorem” by Mr Severi.
The second Part of the Ceremony included some Music performances under the brilliant coordination if the Italian Producer and Minerva expert, Erasmo Treglia.



2 pages published on the Sunday Edition dedicated to the ‘EUnited Arts of Swaziland’ Event and Programme!



By Lungile Lulane | 2018-01-28

Friday, the Swaziland Theatre Club hosted the EUNITED ARTS FOR SWAZILAND PROGRAM.

A program designed under the project professions in music and the visual arts, culture as a tool to empower civil society and the creative engine to support economic and social development in Swaziland, headed by the Italian non profit organization Minerva, co-funded by the European Union and implemented with the Organizational support of the Alliance Francaise de Mbabane and with the Swaziland Theatre Club.

The main purpose for this event was the introduce the Event organizers, Musicians and film makers who have been trained by Minerva During 2017 under the EUnited Arts for Swaziland Program and the launch of the first laboratory of Swaziland. An open Space with free access for artists to use anytime they wish to improve skills. These are pictures from the event!



By Lungile Lulane | 2018-01-28

Artists in the country have been extended a lifeline which will see them availed free spaces to showcase their talents going forward.

Not only that, artists will get access to a sound system which they will use for free in any venue of their choice as per arrangement with their organisation; EUnited Arts of Swaziland.

This was revealed during the closure of a workshop held at the Swaziland Theatre Club which culminated in the launch of Swazi Team Membership, a group of artists who will benefit from a European Union sponsorship programme designed under the project professions in music and the visual arts, culture as a tool to empower civil society and the creative engine to support economic and social development in Swaziland.

The sponsorship programme is headed by an Italian non-profit organisation Minerva and it is co-funded by the European Union while implemented with the organisational support of the Alliance Française in collaboration with the Swaziland Theatre Club.

The launch is the first multi-disciplinary laboratory in the country to serve as an open free space for artists and cultural operators.

It was graced by the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Swaziland, Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones, Minerva Project Manager Riccardo Severi, Alliance Française Director Valerie Munier; as well as local artists.

The event team members comprise local artists and event organisers who have been involved in an intensive professional training managed by Minerva since February 2017 in ‘Business and Arts’, ‘Film making and production’ as well as ‘Music production, promotion and co-ordination’.

Severi, while giving background of the EUNITED ARTS FOR SWAZILAND PROGRAMME which started in 2017, said; “After one year behind the stage, we are here today for a formal involvement in the organisation of five events in 2018 of an enthusiastic group of event organisers, musicians and film-makers who have been trained by Minerva and it is time to introduce them to the public.”

Severi described the laboratory as an open space with free access from morning to the afternoon to all artists and cultural operators of Swaziland who will apply, for free, to be a part of the EUnited Arts for Swaziland Association.

He said this space could be used by artists and cultural operators to organise rehearsals, debate on arts to improve skills and to better build artistic convincing proposals to be submitted and evaluated by the Swaziland Theatre Club and Alliance Française in Mbabane. In addition, he said Minerva would provide new lighting and a sound system which has been approved by the European Union and is due to be purchased in the next coming weeks.


Riccardo thanked the EU Ambassador for the moral and financial support and the members of the public who honoured their invitation.

The EU Ambassador said she thought arts and culture could be an excellent vehicle to promote freedom of expression and democracy, as these can open constructive dialogue on social and cultural issues. She said the two could be used to defend pluralism of civil society and the empowerment of women and girls while striving towards equity in the society and creative industry can generate revenue for artists; hence their capacity to live on their work on arts.

Hernandez Aragones said the project, through capacity building, aims to empower artists, especially women artists, by enhancing their artistic, technical, and managerial skills.

She expressed her gratitude to the strong interest and motivation shown by the artist participants while citing that some artists travelled long distances every morning and evening to attend the training workshops.

With the launch of the laboratory she wished Minerva, Swaziland Theatre Club and Alliance Française success as they undertake this project.

She further said that she looked forward to the establishment of local associations for artists and cultural operators as planned under this project, to contribute to the promotion and management of the artistic sector. The EU ambassador encouraged further development in the Swazi artistic scene. The event team members received their membership cards which were met with excitement. Some of the performances by  the musicians such as Cleopetra who sang one of her songs Indilinga, Thobile playing the flute, Pachanga playing Makhoyane and Sanele playing drums showcased traditional music instruments. Themba thrilled with his song ubolalela which showcased his vocals. The crowd got up and danced to Zakhele Ginindza’s gospel tunes and dance moves.


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