“Enforce the legal protection of women in Afghanistan (Province of Badakhshan)”.

Head of the Project: The Municipality of Turin, Italy

Italian Partner: Minerva Soc Coop – LAW Int.

Afghan Partner: SSSPO

With the Support of the Vice President of the Afghan Parliament, Ms Fawzia Koofi.

Project co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Municipality of Turin, Minerva Soc Coop.

The project was developed, discussed and agreed with local Afghan authorities and It has the support of Ms Fawzia Koofi, parliamentary expression of that Province and Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Women’s Rights, Human Rights and Civil Society; the purpose of the Action is to train professionals involved in the protection of women victims of violence. The project is aimed to train: 1) police officers which, in close cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor, are among the first to have contact with women victims of violence and ensure them the right protection; 2) lawyers/legal experts, specialized in the protection of women, such as holders of the specific activity of assistance / legal advice; 3) prosecutors, as the owners of prosecution to protect women victims of violence; 4) judges, responsible for the correct application of the law to guarantee the victims of violence. The activities in Faizabad and Kabul have been temporarily suspended by the Italian Authorities for security reasons.

Press Conference 

Sala Aldo Moro -Camera dei Deputati

 4 June 2015 





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