MINERVA SOC COOP – YEMEN (07.07.2013 – 17.07.2014)
Project Title: “Affirmation of women’s rights in Yemeni Constitution and Society”.
Head of the Project: Minerva Soc. Coop.
Pertner: LAW International

Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The Action aimed to identify the legal instruments to be included in the future Constitution of Yemen, in order to improve a legislative system in defence of women’s rights and their effective protection, and to establish a general principle of equality in order to guarantee that it is translated into concrete rights and implemented through laws and regulations.

Two High Level Conferences have been organized, with a good Media coverage:
1a) Including Women’s Rights in the Constitution and Asserting Them in Yemeni Society (Sana’a, 2014)
1b) Cooperation between Italy and Yemen on Women’s Rights in Yemen’s Constitution (Rome, 2014).
Discussion of the items approved by the Assembly of the National Dialogue, which are the basis of the new Constitution of Yemen, referring to women’s rights with the support of Italian speakers.
Formulation of articulated constitutional law which, collecting and synthesizing all the outcomes of the National Dialogue to be submitted by the Yemeni delegation to the Conference of the National Dialogue.
Establishment of a Network of legal professionals in both countries, Italy and Yemen. The results of the Seminars in Rome and Sana’a are published in a book.
The initiatives had the proactive participation of the Nobel Prize, Ms Tawakkol Karman.

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